[78-L] Favorite mx numbers (was: Record Dating Enquiry)

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Why would you, Steven, include Favorite matrix numbers in your US/CDN/GB Dating Guide?  
Favorite was a German company, operating out of Linden, a suburb of Hanover. 
It finally became part of the Lindström concern in Berlin. 

The mentioned record numbers 1-5200 and 1-5213  show the following info: 
1 = 25cm 
5 = male vocal  
200 resp. 213: sequence number 

And for the matrices 1814-f and 1816-f:  
-f = recording engineer Otto Multhaupt

I cannot find dates for 1814-f and 1816-f.
As 938-f was recorded May 1905 in Cairo and 1410-f was recorded July 1905 in Paris, 
said 1814-f was possibly recorded in 1905 in Paris as well, or maybe shortly thereafter. 

Background information with some mx numbers can be found on Hugo Strötbaum's website: 


And lists of matrix numbers are in this publication: 

Seventy-Eight Revolutions Per Minute In The Levant
- A Discography of Favorite's Oriental Recordings 
by Hugo Strötbaum
in: De Turcicis Aliisque Rebus - Commentarii Henry Hofman dedicati
M. Vandamme (Ed.)
Utrecht, Nederland, 1992 
227 p.,  ISBN 90-393-0291-x 


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