[78-L] Reversing audio

Jeff Lichtman jeff at swazoo.com
Tue Jul 13 21:54:49 PDT 2010

>Confusion has arisen here because the original context of the situation
>was not included in the copies in the thread, and therefore has not
>become a part of the experiments being undertaken. The question was not
>about simply reversing audio which had originated in the digital domain.
>The situation is about analog audio which was initially reversed while
>in the analog domain.

That's what I thought - it was the only possible explanation for what 
you posted previously. I still maintain that any distortion 
introduced in this process must happen during the analog playback, 
since digital reversal is a simple operation that introduces no 
distortion at all. It's not clear to me why playing a grooved record 
backwards would mess up the signal so badly (unless one does 
something goofy like play it with the tonearm on the "normal" side of 
the spindle, so that the direction of travel relative to the stylus 
is in the wrong direction).

Did the original author claim that this happens with tape as well as 
records as the analog source? I really don't see how playing a tape 
backwards would introduce distortion.

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