[78-L] ^Survival of anything from The Best of Broadway (1954-55)

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If I'm not mistaken, that was the version of "Panama Hattie" whose audio was issued on a Boris Rose LP, backed with Anything Goes. But Boris could just have taped the audio at the time.


I think the coaxial cable was coast-to-coast by then, but delay still had to be done via kinescope..or "once again for the West Coast" as in the good old radio days. That might have been a lot cheaper than filming in color for one transmission.

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> Doubt that this inquiry will bear fruit, but check out this series of specials aired between 1954 and 55 on CBS entitled "The Best of Broadway."
> http://www.eofftv.com/b/bes/best_of_broadway_main.htm
> These were color broadcasts and done live. As they were made before the advent of videotape I suspect they won't have survived, but I'm curious as to whether any are known extant as black and white kinescopes. These programs used original cast members; for example, "Panama Hattie" featured Ethel Merman. And I'm also curious how they got them out to the West Coast in prime time in color (or if they did so at all).
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