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At one time I had an RCA Victor 78 of Tex Beneke and the Miller Orchestra.It was "Stormy Weather"
backed with "Body and Soul".It was nice record.Sometime back,I found Tex Beneke/Miller Orchestra
78 of "Sunrise Serenade" and it was just great.It showed that Beneke was good jazz ballad player.It
thought his up-tempo verged in the  corny side.I wonder if Mancini did the reorchestrating of the original
Miller 1939 Bluebird.I never heard the MGM recordings of that band.The only other Beneke/Miller 78
I have is the theme f rom the 1946 film "Strange Love of Martha Ivers".I think it was just called "Strange
Love".I'd be interested in knowing if there are other LPs out there of the Beneke/Miller Orchestra.Are
there any current CDs of that band.

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David Lennick wrote:
> I'm thinking "Palladium Patrol" on MGM might be one..?
> dl
Extracted from Lord 10.0:

Tex Beneke
Broadcast, Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA, September 13, 1946
     If you were the only girl in the world (am vcl)

     These foolish things (hm arr)                         Vintage Jazz 
Classics VJC-1039 -

Hollywood, CA, September 30, 1946
D6VB 2165    These foolish things (hm arr)    HMV (Arg)AVL3025, Halcyon 
(E)DHDL134 [CD]

AFRS One Night Stand, Hollywood Palladium, December, 1947
     'S wonderful (hm arr)

AFRS One Night Stand 1575, Palladium, Hollywood, CA, January, 1948
     Bagatelle (hm arr)

AFRS One Night Stand 1605, Palladium, Hollywood, CA, January 27, 1948

     Bagatelle (hm arr)    Hep (E)29

AFRS One Night Stand 1587, Palladium, Hollywood, CA, January 29, 1948

     'S wonderful (hm arr)    Hep (E)29

AFRS One Night Stand 1611, Palladium, Hollywood, CA, January 30, 1948
     Bagatelle (hm arr)

On The Beam Show 7, University of Iowa, February 20, 1948

     Bagatelle (hm arr)
     'S wonderful (hm arr)    Nostalgia Arts (Dan)3013026 [CD]

Thesaurus Transcription, New York, from this period
     Without a song (hm arr)    Big Band Landmarks 13, Golden Era LP15050,
         Aero Space RACD1031 [CD]

Thesaurus Transcription, New York, from this period

La Rosita (hm arr)    Joyce 2006, Hep (E)8, Golden Era LP15050,
         Aero Space RACD1031 [CD]

Hollywood, CA, January 9, 1951
Palladium patrol (hm arr)    MGM 10936, K10936, (E)403, EP638, Lion L70119,
         Ajax JRC-41 [Cass], Sounds of Yester Year
         (E)DSOY740 [CD]

Chicago, IL, April 25, 1951
51S 6044    Diga diga do (hm arr)    MGM 11423, K11423, Ajax JRC-41 [Cass]

New York, June 29, 1951
51S 249    Dancer's delight (hm arr)    MGM 11423, K11423, Ajax C-775

New York, August 30, 1951
51S 298-A    The wedding of the painted doll (hm arr)    MGM 11189, 
K11189, Ajax C-775, Sounds of Yester
         Year (E)DSOY740 [CD]

Barbara Edwards (vcl) replaces Nancy Drew, Henry Mancini (arr) Jerry 
Gray (arr) Bill Finegan (arr) added
Radio broadcast, "Cafe Rouge", Hotel Statler, New York, January 1, 1958
     'S wonderful (hm arr)

      Julian Vein

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