[78-L] Josh White

Thomas Stern sternth at attglobal.net
Fri Apr 23 16:20:50 PDT 2010

There is an ITALIAN 45-EP of Josh WHite in the FABBRI Il Jazz series which
states the recordings are from ASCH.
3 of the 4 titles correspond to known Asch recordings, the fourth I have not found.
Can anyone CONFIRM these are from the Asch source, and identify the 4th title.
Best wishes, Thomas.

FABBRI Il Jazz (unknown catalog number)  JOSH WHITE
A1  N. 12 Train                          Asch 358-2B (174)
A2  Mean Mistreatin’ Woman               Disc 3004 B (220)
B1  Dupree                               Disc 3004 A (223)
B2  The old rugged cross (Bemmars)       ???

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