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David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
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I've seen the John Carradine on an earlier red vinyl issue, connected with Audio Archives or Audio Rarities (of which Heritage seemed to be an extension for a while before turning to Broadway composers). There's a 12" Harold Rome and a 12" Comden and Green. The Bernard Shaw is cut without closing the end groove, same style as the 7" 33rpm Voices Of The Past/Rare Records label. And no, I've never seen a catalog.
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> Subject: [78-L] HERITAGE Records
> Does anyone have, or know of an online listing, catalog, discography of
> HERITAGE records (the US company) which produced, from what I've seen,
> mostly 10" records of musical theater related material, but also
> had a 12" series which included a Roland Hayes album reissued from A440 label,
> and a collection of presidential speech recordings reissued from Audio Archives.
> A recent online auction item was a 10" disc of John Carradine reading Shakespeare etc
> catlg SD 100 (not the usual H-00xx series)......
> Thanks!
> Best wishes, Thomas.
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