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That's kind of how I learned about drugs:by way of Gitler's 1966 book "Jazz Masters of the Forties".I didn't
read Billie Holiday's "Lady Sings the Blues" until 1976.As I recall,her bio came out back in 1956 and was full of holes in terms of her memory.Pretty faulty.She spoke of being with Shaw in '37 when she was,in 
fact,with Basie.She didn't join Shaw until '38.She mentioned Georgie Auld.Auld was with Berigan from 
March of '37 until he left to join Shaw in December of '38 just in time for a Bluebird.record date on 18
December.Auld was with Shaw until 18 November 1939 when Shaw walked off of the bandstand at the
Cafe Rouge and Auld wound up being the leader.Gitler provided me with the drug histories of Parker
along with Navarro,Dameron and others.That's how I got my drug awareness education.This was some
years before high school.

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Regarding musicians and drug use: As a high school student in 1953, I 
wrote a paper for some class on drugs. My teacher asked me how in the 
world I had picked that subject. At that time, little attention was 
given to the subject. I told her I was interested in jazz and too many 
musicians used drugs. I told her I could write the names of the 
musicians who didn’t use drugs on a 3x5 card. She was aghast!
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