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Geoffrey Wheeler dialjazz at verizon.net
Thu Apr 22 08:18:51 PDT 2010

Mike Biel asks: “My pal Pekka Gronow in an essay "Recycling History"
illustrates a booklet "The Parlophone Rhythem-Style Series" compiled by
Edgar Jackson.  Is that the one you mean?

I can’t seem to access the source you mention, but yes, there are five 
Parlophone Rhythm Style booklets by the Gramophone’s Edgar Jackson ( I 
have four, beginning with the first edition from 1936), and the HMV 
“Swing Music and Hot Rhythm Records,” also by Edgar Jackson. I have 
only the 1944 edition. The updated editions were issued roughly every 
two years. These are well organized, present a good deal of information 
on instrumentation and personnels that was new for the time. I obtained 
all my copies from England via e-bay. In several instances, I was the 
only bidder. I see these as part of the discographic continuum 
beginning with Schleman, then Delaunay, The Jazz Record Book; the“ 
little” jazz magazines like HRS Rag, Jazz Information, and Jazz Record; 
Blackstone’s Index to Jazz (the first volume comes with two different 
covers), and so on.

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