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Pepsi Cola is a drink
Pour it in the kitchen sink
Tastes like vinegar, looks like ink
Pepsi Cola sure does stink
Nickel, nickel, nickel, nickel

Ah those good old days of yesteryear in the 40's.
But...we always chose Pepsi because...it was a 12 ounce bottle.
Not a puny 6 ozs like coke.

Al S,

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The Berigan Pepsi ad was issued on an IAJRC LP many years ago. I forget
the title and catalog number. As I recall, words to the tune go: “Pepsi
Cola hits the spot/twelve full ounces that’s a lot/twice as much for a
nickel, too/Pepsi Cola is the drink for you.” Later, there was
something about “nickel, nickel, nickel, trickle.” My mother wouldn’t
allow me to drink cola drinks. The only two soft drinks allowed in the
house were ginger ale and 7-Up. At a young age, we were all captivated
by advertising and learned lots of tunes and slogans because they were
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