[78-L] Sonny Dunham

Geoffrey Wheeler dialjazz at verizon.net
Tue Apr 20 11:33:55 PDT 2010

Under the topic “Dolores O’Neil,” Julian Vein mentions 
trumpeter-bandleader Sonny Dunham. I first heard Dunham on recordings 
of “Chinatown, My Chinatown” with Glen Gray, and “Memories of You.” 
When I returned to collecting 78s in the early 1980s, I focused on 
certain lesser-known white bands: Dunham on Bluebird, Varsity, and 
Embassy; Sam Donahue on Okeh, Bluebird, and Capitol; Jack Jenney on 
Vocalion; Sonny Burke (formerly Sam Donahue’s band) on Okeh; Bob Pope 
on Bluebird and ARC; Willie Farmer on Bluebird; Bob Strong on 
Lang-Worth; Frankie Reynolds on Bluebird; certain Ozzie Nelson’s on 
Brunswick/ARC and Bluebird; Joe Kennedy on Bluebird; KXYZ Novelty Band 
on Bluebird; and such black territorial bands as Boots and His Buddies 
on Bluebird, Carolina Cotton Pickers on Vocalion, Jeter-Pillars on 
Vocalion, Harlan Leonard on Bluebird, Erskinie Hawkinis on Vocalon and 
early Bluebird, Don Albert on Vocalion, St. Louis Crackerjacks on 
Decca; Jay McShann on Decca; The Original Yellow Jackets on Vocalion, 
Frank Tanner on Bluebird, Ike Ragon on Vocalion, Jimmy Luverte on 
Vocalion, and Albert Gale on Vocalion. As can be seen, Vocalon was a 
great label for black territorial bands!

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