[78-L] 1st Family (was: It's BAAAACK!)

Bertrand CHAUMELLE chaumelle at orange.fr
Sun Mar 7 11:37:22 PST 2010

Le 6 mars 10, à 23:27, Cary Ginell a écrit :

> Au contraire, mon ami! "The First Family" was hilarious and still is. 
> It sold millions of copies well before JFK's murder.
+++I didn't know it was a hit (no humor intended). I'm not questioning 
its hilariousness: I was simply put off by its 'bland" cover and I've 
never heard the album.

>  You just need to understand the context of it 50 years removed.
+++Same for you, folks, you need to understand.... In 1964, when I 
first went to that flea market for the first time, I knew absolutely 
nothing about politics in general (and US politics in particular). 
Translated in French, "first family" meant nothing to me. So, in fact, 
I didn't realize it was about the Kennedy family !
I had heard about Eisenhower because, as a kid, I lived near the SHAPE. 
He was in Paris, before he was elected, at the Hotel Astoria.

What's more, I can"t understand every comedy album in English ! Woody 
Allen, for instance: I bought a double LP: what is he talking about ? I 
don't know.  I have no major problem with Winters, Borge, Freberg, Bob 
& Ray or Henny Youngman...
> Vaughn Meader's impression of JFK was impeccable; the writing on the 
> album spurred a succession of similar Booker/Foster productions in the 
> '60s, but none were as funny and well-scripted as this one was. JFK's 
> assassination only dampened the humor, but we didn't become fans of 
> the album because of the assassination.
+++I only wanted to know about Mike Biel, because he mentioned records 
by Stalin, Mao and other shady characters...
> There was something perversely funny about the world's most powerful 
> leaders sitting around a conference table ordering take-out sandwiches 
> from a deli - with each person's choices so perfect for each 
> character.
+++Was DR. STRANGELOVE made before or after the record ? It's the same 
kind of humor, or am I wrong ?

>  The idea of a president playing with a "rubber schwan" in the 
> bathtub, etc. etc. It was just a great, great comedy album. There were 
> two tragedies - one was the death of a beloved president. The other 
> was the death of Vaughn Meader's career (as Lenny Bruce famously said 
> upon his first stand-up routine after the assassination: "Vaughn 
> Meader is f***ed!").
> Cary Ginell
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>> Date: Sat, 6 Mar 2010 22:43:41 +0100
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>> Subject: Re: [78-L] 1st Family  (was: It's BAAAACK!)
>> The last URL you sent us. So it must be that guide. Thanks to eBey for
>> saving my life !
>> I know that comedy album; I've seen it several times at the flea
>> market, here, in the old days. I found the cover unattractive, and I
>> discovered Jonathan Winters, instead. As unattractive, perhaps, but
>> very funny (in my opinion).
>> So you're interested by that album, not because it's supposed to make
>> you laugh, but because it's about a president who had a violent death,
>> isn't it ? If you happen to find a comedy album about Ike or Truman,
>> you won't stop by ? The tragedy aspect is  'the main ingredient' ? 
>> Just
>> curious.
>> BC
>> Le 6 mars 10, à 22:13, Michael Biel a écrit :
>>> Bertrand CHAUMELLE wrote:
>>>> eBey says >Unfortunately, access to this particular item has been
>>>> blocked due to legal restrictions in some countries.
>>> Was it the record (just a worn copy Tschaik 6th on Columbia) or his
>>> guide to losing 35 pounds in a week?  THAT woud kill you!
>>>> I was just wondering, Mike, why do you collect multiple copies of 
>>>> 'The
>>>> First Family' (LP)?
>>> For many years I have been planning to write the story of the 1962 
>>> Xmas
>>> season when this and My Son the Folk Singer sold millions in a few
>>> weeks.  Cadence had to use 10 pressing plants in the U.S. and I have
>>> copies from at least 8.  I want to include full descriptive data.  I
>>> already  have the complete inside story of the planning, pressing , 
>>> and
>>> distribution of both of the albums, and the story of the sequels.
>>> Something always comes up when I plan to write it, but 2012 is the 
>>> 50th
>>> anniv so this WILL be IT.  I will also do a follow up on the 63 Xmas
>>> season which was overtaken by the JFK assassination and several 
>>> tribute
>>> LPs sold even faster than the First Family/My Son had the year 
>>> before.
>>> I have several shelf feet of JFK LPs and a proper discography has 
>>> never
>>> been done.
>>>> And, thanks for you previous 'calm and logical' replies. I think 
>>>> that,
>>>> now, I may have a better understanding of what makes you tick$  BC
>>> Good.  Now tell me!  (only kidding)
>>> Mike Biel  mbiel at mbiel.com
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