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Hey, don't forget Moms Mabley!


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>>>> Were sales of 'party' records (by that era meaning by such as Redd Foxx
>>>> and
>>> later Richard Pryor) affected, relatively small as their sales likely
>>> were
>>> due to subject matter and language?
>> Don't have sales figures, but I hardly ever run across even Richard
>> Pryor's
>> more popular albums in the Goodwill. Or for that matter Bob Newhart or
>> Bill
>> Cosby. Rusty Warren, yes.
> Well. Richard Pryor's comedy was heavily "race-based"...since the Black
> population
> of Canada is for the most part Caribbean-based, those listeners would have
> been
> essentially unaware of the humour in his routines...?! I DO find a lot of
> Cosby's LP's
> at my "local" thrift stores...hardly surprising, considering the 
> quantities
> originally sold...?!
> I'm still looking for a replacement copy of a Redd Foxx LP..."Give The Man
> the $2"...
> which remains, IMHO, one of the funniest records I have EVER heard!! (BTW
> MP3-usw. copies gladly accepted!)
> Steven C. Barr
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