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Walter Colquitt and John Bubbers issued it in the States in December of 1954. It sold well despite false rumors being spread that proceeds were going to the Communist Party. Haven't played it in a long time but I don't think it holds up the way Freberg does.
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Not using the exact audio, unless you count the documentary "Point of Order" as a comedy album. But McCarthy was satirized at the time..by Bob & Ray on the radio, by Stan Freberg ("Point of Order") on record, and skewered by blacklisted playwright Reuben Ship when he returned to Canada and wrote "The Investigator" for CBC Radio. John Drainie spent a few afternoons in a bar in Buffalo watching the hearings and getting McCarthy's drawl down pat. Ironically, when the play was "bootlegged" on LP in the States (bootlegged my ass, the aircheck was smuggled out by the show's producer), it was an underground hit but Drainie couldn't get any work in the States because nobody would admit to having listened to it or finding it amusing.Good night and good luck.dl

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