[78-L] Rolling Stones question ^

Kristjan Saag saag at telia.com
Sat Mar 6 07:14:18 PST 2010

David Lennick wrote:

 > I know, not much 78 content here, but the requester is a long-time 78 
 > who doesn't know much about this here new-fangled rockin' roll, 
especially by
 > these old farts. He has a cassette box set of the Rolling Stones Singles
 > Collection and wants to know if it has any value. My guess would be, 
only to an
 > absolute fanatic Stones collector who has to have the stuff in every 
First: "only an absolute fanatic Stones collector" practically means a 
few thousand of them. Which also means: most things related to Stones, 
Beatles, Elvis, Springsteen etc are collectables.
Cassettes weren't listed in the British "Record Collector Price Guide" 
ten years ago, but I think they are now. But, like with everything else, 
value is dependent on condition and, quoting the Record Collector's website:

"As a general rule CD's and Cassettes either play perfectly - inwhich 
case they are in Mint condition - or they don't, in which case their 
value is minimal. Cassette tape is liable to deteriorate with age, even 
if it remains unplayed, so care should be taken when buying old tapes."

So your collector friend ought, perhaps, to check some price lists 
before throwing the stuff out.
Here's to give him an idea of what prices can be:


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