[78-L] Misterioso label

Julian Vein julianvein at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Mar 5 15:27:57 PST 2010

Geoffrey Wheeler wrote:
> The four Misterioso 12-inch LPs were issued in the 1970s, perhaps 
> around 1978. I am told the original studio acetates were stolen from 
> Prestige and taken to Italy  where they were sold to an existing label 
> that shall remain nameless. They were transferred “as is,” meaning 
> without equalization, and pressed. They were then sold in paper sleeves 
> without jackets to a source in England, who shall remain nameless. The 
> four covers were then designed by writer-discographer-graphic artist, 
> Malcolm Walker. If you knew where to buy them, you could get them for 5 
> or six pounds apiece. As far as I know, they have been sold only at 
> auction here in the States. Last time I looked, the going price  was 
> about $150 for the set of four LPs in NM- condition. I consider them a 
> valuable part of the history of the early Prestige label.
> _______________________________________________
Thanks Geoffrey. I'm still surprised that their existence wasn't known 
to discographers. After all, even if they'd been stolen, presumably the 
paperwork would still have remained with Prestige. Perhaps Prestige 
proprietors were too embarrassed to talk about the theft!

The Wardell Gray sides have been issued legitimately, but presumably 
using the the same source as (or dubbed from) Misterioso.

       Julian Vein

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