[78-L] KKK records?

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Wed Mar 3 18:55:43 PST 2010

Louie Prima sang this on Majestic 1037.

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>  "It Takes A Long, Tall, Brown Skin Gal To Make A Preacher Lay His Bible
>  Down."
>  Bud
>  Hard to  forget a title like this. After  Bud  posted the above,  I went
> and checked and  sure enough, I have an old player piano roll titled "It
> Takes a Long Tall Brown Skin Gal to Make a Preacher Lay his Bible Down".  I
> don't have  player piano anymore, never recall  having heard this song,
> wonder  what  it is,   song sung  for and by blacks?   KKK  type record?
> Or  maybe just a  fun type spoof song   aimed at the masses?  I have no
> clue. What I did, however, is hand roll down the roll and  read the  lyrics.
>  Except for the  words Brown Skin, it sounds pretty much like a lust type
>  song when a man wants a woman like  tunes   from way back when  to  just
> about nowadays. The piano roll  I have  is "autographed"  by the player,
> Pete Wendling, label says words by Marshall Walker, music by Will E.
> Skidmore, copyright 1917 by Will E. Skidmore.  Gotta get me another player
> piano so I can play  some of these old songs.
>  Jim Whipkey
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