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Bertrand CHAUMELLE chaumelle at orange.fr
Mon Mar 1 11:38:16 PST 2010

Le 1 mars 10, à 00:51, Michael Biel a écrit :

> Bertrand CHAUMELLE wrote:
>> Sorry, but I don't own a copy of 'Mein Kampf", I've never read it.
>> However, I know it's an evil book. Can you explain that ?
> Because of second hand information and knowledge of what resulted from
> those who followed his teachings.
+++Exactly, but also:
-teaching from my parents who endured WWII
>   But the book itself is not evil, many
> of the ideas are.  But if you read some of it you will see that these
> evil thoughts are couched in perfectly calm and logical arguements.  It
> is quite unlike what you expect.  Reading it give you an understanding
> of how this madman was able to enthrall and pervert a nation.
+++I've read a few books about the Nazi regime, that includes some 
excerpts from 'M.K.', of course.
>> I don't want to buy any KKK 78 either. But I know they're bad. Prof.
>> Biehl said that he never listened to the songs, but he 'thinks' that
>> they are less offensive than some 45s from the 'sixties. How come ?
> Because of the song titles and because I don't think it is humanly
> possible to be more offensive than the Johnny Rebel records.  Do a
> google search on Johnny Rebel and look at the Wikipedia  article on 
> him,
> and then go to the Dizzler.com page where you can hear some of this
> bilge for yourself.  (I will not give the URLs.)
+++No way. I trust you about that, I don't need to sample it.

>  I haven't  listened to
> any of this for maybe forty years, and I'm not sure if I ever listened
> all the way through any of them.  But you don't even need to listen to
> know what they will be like -- the titles tell it all.
+++Right, so it's not necessary to collect those things.

> I can't repeat the Johnny Rebel titles, but the Gennett KKK titles are
> things like "The Mystic City", "We Belong to the Ku Klux Klan", "The
> Klansman's Friend", "The Bright Fiery Cross", "American Our Noble 
> Land",
> "Daddy Swiped Our Last Clean Sheet and Joined the Klan". "Why I Am A
> Klansman", "The Stuttering Klansman". "The Lkansman and the Rain", etc.
> Fairly unoffensive titles.
>> If you want to give children a lesson in history, burn those KKK
>> records in front of them.
>> That's my opinion, and if you think I'm 'doomed to repeat the past',
>> you have the right to think so.
> You would be repeating history yourself and proving it to your children
> that what you have learned from history are some of its worst
> incidents.  When tyrants want to aggrandize themselves and wipe out the
> past they disagree with, they burn the books.
+++Of course, I've heard about autodafés and 'Fahrenheit 451'.
>   It is a truly
> reprehensible symbol, and I am surprised to hear an intelligent person
> suggesting such a foul deed.
+++That's because you give too much importance to the 'symbol' aspect. 
I see those stupid records had dead things, dead leaves that you can 
burn in your backyard when winter comes, nothing more.
>  Burning the history of the past will not
> stop it, it only leaves you and your children ignorant and defenseless.
+++I'm not totally ignorant, I told you . I know enough. And if you 
think preserving dead artefacts will CURE and PREVENT racism, you 
couldn't be more wrong.
Here in France, there was a record label, SERP, dedicated to that kind 
of documents: Hitler speeches, and so on. Do you think its purpose was 
to enlighten the masses and to avoid the propagation of racism ? SERP 
was owned by the extreme-right political leader Jean-Marie Le Pen, 
Hitler's most fervent admirer. He's still around, by the way.
On TV, we have a French-German channel, the 5th, airing very frequently 
movies about the Holocaust.
Believe me, racist acts are on the rise everywhere in France, in 
stadiums, in cemetaries...

> But history is repeating itself  It may happen sooner than you think.
+++I know that history is repeating itself. We could speak about 
Serbia, for instance. How that tragedy could have been prevented ? By 
telling the 'history of the past' to determined racists ? I just don't 
believe it's efficient.

> Back in the 1920s those people ran candidates for public office and 
> some
> of them won.  The Indiana Klan was a major political force.  Indiana.
> Not the deep South.  Indiana.  The Klan had more influence in the
> North!  We are seeing it happen again.
> Mike Biel  mbiel at mbiel.com

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