[78-L] Your 78's--WAS: Talking Machine World and / or Review

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I am not worried. I assure you in 50 years most of your "rare
rockabilly/blues/cajun 45s and jazz/blues/country, etc !"  will archiev
Museum Status!!


On Mon, Mar 1, 2010 at 7:01 PM, Matthew Duncan
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> Hi Steven and all,
> I am 24 and have been collecting 78s for almost 15 years...I genuinely
> worry about what will happen to my records after I am gone...I would love to
> think that in around 50 years time or whenever it is that 'the time comes',
> somebody who will really appreciate the records will get them...but....in
> all those years time, will anyone want 78s??  I imagine there will be little
> to no interest in my I also think that these days there are still libraries
> and other institutions who would accept records and books into their
> archives such as discussed by Mr Barr, but in decades to come when music
> downloads will have been the norm for a long time and electronic books been
> on the market for ages, will any such place take my records either??!!
> Something to ponder...
> I would like to think that my research and preservation activities to date
> and future projects (I am planning a website at present) are not in vain but
> can't imagine who I would pass all these things onto...
> Regards
> Matthew Duncan
> UK.
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> Subject: [78-L] Your 78's--WAS: Talking Machine World and / or Review
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> From: "Steve Ramm" <steveramm78l at hotmail.com>
> > Did someone answer the Talking Machine REVIEW question? I didn't see it.
> > TMR was a more modern publication published in the 1970s and 80 by Ernie
> > Baly in the UK. He was former editor of Hillandale News. Ernie gave it up
> > and a guy named John Booth continued it periodically.
> > Speaking of similar sounding names. There's an article by Bob Baumback in
> > the new issue of the Calif APS mag on early talking machine periodicals.
> > He mentions and shows the monthly called Talking Machine and Radio
> Monthly
> > but at same time there was Talking Machine and Radio Weekly (which i have
> > some copies of). It eventually evolved into Radio and Television Weekly!
> > But TMR - to answer the question came at least 50 years after TMW - and
> > was a collectors' pub.
> >
> So...do "digital archives" of this more recent publication exist
> anywhere...?!
> What is seriously needed is someone(s) to data-enter the relevant contents
> of all of these record-related publications!
> I just spent over Cdn$4,000.00 to purchase a lot of Arthur Badrock's
> archives...given that I'm now 67+, it remains to be seen how much use
> (in terms of time) I shall get out of this acquisition...?! If all goes as
> hoped,
> UCSB will inherit my half-vast shellac archive (they have already asked
> for this bequest!) as well as my similarly half-vast discographic library!
> We "78-ophiles" should be giving serious thought to the eventual
> destinations of our record and book holdings...?! The bitter reality
> is that (my guess) a majority of us are either "official senior citizens"
> (i.e. 65+) or beyond that age...and we will be seeing more "death
> notices" on 78-L and its counterparts in coming years!
> As I have often said/posted, it looks like there may be ONE final
> "78 collector" who is able to acquire all of the collections of his/her/its
> predecessors...probably at major discounts from their original costs!
> There will certainly be surviving "collectors" ready and willing to
> purchase "rarities" (i.e. "Zulus' Ball" on Gennett)...but the average
> 78 is neither rare nor particularly valuable...?!
> Finally...how many of you 78-L listeners have left instuctions for
> your children (or other desendants) as far as what should be done
> with "all those old records"...?!
> Chances are that after your funeral, your descendants will be
> carrying out all of your 78's to the curb on the next "garbage day"...
> to be unceremonially thrown into the maw of the next garbage
> truck?!
> Don't your 78's deserve a better fate...?!
> Steven C. Barr
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