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Wed Feb 22 18:50:59 PST 2023

The 78discography has a listing for CONTINENTAL, all jazz and pop, no

Is there a listing of the CONTINENTAL classical recordings somewhere???


CONTINENTAL set xxx                  4-12" 78rpm   copyright 1949

SONGS OF THE GREAT MASTERS, Elizabeth Wysor, contralto with the Vienna

Orchestra - Zoltan Fekete conducting.


SIX of the 8 sides are reissued on a 10" Remington LP RLP-149-2 

SOME also included on HALO 50312 and

the B side of ALLEGRO-ROYALE 1589 (A side Marian Anderson) Their First



C-4012-A (1004A)  Gluck: ALcese-Divinite du Styl

C-4012-B (1004B )  Mozart: La Clemenza de TITo-Npn pou di fiori

????                           Verdi: Ballo in Maschera-Re dell abisso

????                           Meyerbeer: Prophete-Pretos du Baal

C-4014-A (1002A)  Wagner: Gotterdammerung-Waltraute's Erzalung   Part I

C-4014-B (1002B)     Part II

C-4015-A (1001A)  Wagner: Rheingold-Erda's Warnun-WEIche, Wotan, Weiche

C-4015-B (1001B)  Wagner: Tristan und Isolde-Brangaene's Wachtlied


Hope someone can fill in the blanks (C-4013), set number ???

The stamper numbers look like they might be catalog numbers rather than
matrix numbers - were 

these sides Issued on any other label under those numbers or ???


I note that there is another SONGS OF THE GREAT MASTERS - Continental CLP
103  Giovanni Martinelli.

Listing says 16" LP (I assume that is an error) - Was this taken from 78's


There are additional WYSOR recordings on LP from REMINGTON., PLYMOUTH, HALO,

  Famous Contralto Arias; 

  Carmen excerpts.


Were there other issued WYSOR 78's from Gabor ???


Anyone have a discography of Wysor ???

A couple of other recordings include performances from NORTHWESTERN

Sutton Sound Forty-Five years of Singing





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