[78-L] What’s a 78?

Michael Biel mbiel at mbiel.com.invalid
Tue Feb 21 17:41:51 PST 2023

"Purists wouldn't deem that a genuine 78. Sure, it looks like a 78 and plays
like a 78, but it was probably recorded on tape.

     Julian Vein"

WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??????  What "purists"????????  Who are these "purists"???  I've never met one. Since 1941 there were practically NO 78s mastered in the recording studio on a master running at 78 that was used to make the metal parts. They ALL were mastered on 16-inch lacquers, often using the western Electric Wide Range Vertical system. After 1951 NOTHING did not pass through a tape before the master for plating was cut.
Michael Biel.

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