[78-L] A Deluxe RCA Victor query

David Jessup dgjessup at hotmail.com.invalid
Fri Nov 19 13:22:44 PST 2021

Dear folks -

I recently received three-quarters of the contents of RCA Victor album LE-3, apparently a showcase for the then-new Red Seal De Luxe line.

I wouldn't mind acquiring the missing disc - but beyond the catalog number (99-2100) I've no clue as to contents (beyond "classical with a popular appeal").

The three discs I do have are:

99-2101-A   Music of the Spheres (pt 1) - Fiedler / Boston Pops
99-2101-B   Jalousie - Fiedler / Boston Pops

99-2102-A   Music of the Spheres (pt 2) - as above
99-2102-B   Colas Breugnon - Overture - Toscanini / NBC Symphony

99-2103-A   The Last Spring - Koussevitzky / Boston Symphony
99-2103-B   The Skaters Waltz - Toscanini / NBC Symphony

Thanks in advance for your help!

David Jessup

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