[78-L] The Mulcays

Malcolm malcolm at 78data.com.invalid
Thu Jul 15 12:54:35 PDT 2021

In the 1940s/50s there was a group appearing on various small labels, 
The Mulcays. They were a harmonica duo, Jimmy & Mildred Mulcay. BUT... 
on Theme P-113 they show up as a trio; Jimmy, Mildred & Helen (from the 
Here's the trio doing an odd version of "Stormy Weather":
Notice it's bass harmonica, chromatic harmonica and what sounds like a 
Hammond organ. I am guessing Helen is playing the organ, but I can find 
no information on her in any of the bios I've checked online and from my 
own library (you know... books!). And it's certainly possible that Helen 
is not related to the husband & wife team.
Any help gladly appreciated.
Malcolm R

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