[78-L] Where to find rare 45s

kil at roadrunner.com.invalid kil at roadrunner.com.invalid
Fri May 7 07:26:07 PDT 2021

	This is not quite off-topic.
I’m trying to find a cleaner copy of Larry Vincent’s 1946-47 hit,
IF YOU WERE THE ONLY GIRL IN THE WORLD. Originally on a Pearl Records
78, it was re-issued on 45 later. (Pearl 45-10-A). Since I don’t
have a 78 player, I’m looking to buy the 45 or MP3 from the 45.

	So where are the best places to look these days? I’ve already tried
eBay, Music Stack, Discogs, Marketplace, Amazon, iTunes, and
everyplace else I can think of. Any suggestions welcome.

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