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The Outreach Committee of the Association for Recorded Sound Collections
(ARSC) posts the following message.

-- May 12-15, 2021 --

The Association for Recorded Sound Collections is pleased to announce its
55th Annual Conference, which will be held virtually, May 12-15, 2021.

ARSC will welcome an international audience with a serious interest in
recorded sound and provide an enriching conference experience for
presenters, attendees, exhibitors, and advertisers. Our presenters come from
a wide variety of disciplines, including archivists, historians, and
collectors, represented by universities, museums, and various organizations.
Many presenters this year will be presenting from international locations,
such as Korea, Japan, India, Argentina, Quebec, as well as from the United
States. For example, this year we will have presentations from the National
Museum of the Czech Republic, the Croatian Institute of Ethnology and
Folklore Research, the British Library, and the Library of Congress. Some
faces will be familiar, such as Tim Brooks, Jenny Doctor, and Matt Barton,
while others are first-time presenters.

ARSC will host a pre-conference workshop on Wednesday, May 12, titled
"Digital Restoration in the Latter Part of the 20th Century," presented by
Seth Winner, Jessica Thompson, and others. The panelists will compare apps
for the restoration of sound files during the presentation, followed by a
Q&A session.

The conference will open on Thursday with the plenary session, "Using the
New U.S. Copyright Law," chaired by Tim Brooks. The session includes Eric
Harbeson, David Giovannoni, Matt Barton, Jenny Doctor, and David Seubert.
This panel of experts will discuss the upcoming release of pre-1923
recordings to the public domain due to the terms of the Music Modernization
Act (2018).

Mid-afternoon Saturday will bring the ARSC Awards, where ARSC will honor
winners of the 2020 Awards for Excellence in Recorded Sound Research and the
2021 Lifetime Achievement and Distinguished Service awards.

The awards will be followed by conference keynote speaker, Gary Atkinson of
Document Records. Gary will present a video of the history, collection, and
workings of the Document Records label followed by a Q&A session. A true
highlight! Make sure you attend this very special session.

Please consider joining us on Sunday afternoon for ARSC's Annual Business

The preliminary conference schedule, abstracts, and additional information
may be found on the conference website at:

Conference questions should be directed to:
arscconf at gmail.com

The Association for Recorded Sound Collections is a nonprofit organization
dedicated to the preservation and study of sound recordings -- in all genres
of music and speech, in all formats, and from all periods. ARSC is unique in
bringing together private individuals and institutional professionals --
everyone with a serious interest in recorded sound.


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