[78-L] 78-L Digest, Vol 149, Issue 3

Dennis Flannigan dennis.flannigan at gmail.com.invalid
Mon Feb 8 12:14:16 PST 2021

Sorry to all who took offense to my note showing three or four days of the
same messages repeated was getting old and annoying.

Glad no one currently replying is dead, nor do I want to watch numerous
repeated remarks and postings for several days after Dan's life or death
has been confirmed. What I learned a moment ago was the various senders of
can I find Dan messages were repeated and double repeated and since I know
few of the many responses duplicated over and over I thought too many
postings got old and tiresome.

I now know you were not intending to be tiresome nor duplicative and glad
to know Mr. Tech Knoe Logy was the crimina-mindl involved with blurt blurt,
annoying annoying, whatthehell whatthehell stuff not the sender sender of
updated updated stuff.


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