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Andrew Homzy andrew.homzy at gmail.com.invalid
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Hello Iñigo,

Many thanks for your reply and advise.

I’m not a collector, but I have a few souvenirs - the early ODJBs, one King Oliver, . . . I also have them all on issued CDs. This is the only disc-of-interest I own, which I’ve never heard. It’s not rare, just never re-issued. 

I’ll pass your info on to a local guy. At this moment, I just need a simple transfer to look for musicological information.


Andrew Homzy
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> On Aug 9, 2020, at 3:17 PM, Iñigo Cubillo <ciadelgramofono at yahoo.es.invalid> wrote:
> This is a Gramophone Co. recording by S. E. Tunn, in 1929 in Paris. Being violin and piano, the Tzigane by Ravel, a beautiful piece, I bid it will play good with a Stanton 500 cart provided with a 2.5 mil diamond, conical or better a truncated elliptical, maybe better with 2.7 to 3 mil. The TE will reproduce better the higher harmonics of the violin. For weight, 3.5 or 4 grams would be enough. If the record wear noise is too much (I'm referring to the worn grooves distortion in high passages,  strong bass piano notes and the like) and the thick stylus reproduces these, try smaller sizes to make the stylus play the lower parts of the groove wall, where there's likely less distortion. These worn records were played with blunt steel needles, and the upper part of the groove walls is where the wear resides mostly.
> Date: Wed, 5 Aug 2020 15:11:40 -0700
> From: Andrew Homzy
> LUCIEN SCHWARZ[violinist]
> 12? PW Blk. Disque Gram. W-1033 [CN406- I/CN407-I]. TZIGANE (Ravel). With LU- CIEN PETITJEAN [pianist). Just about 1-2
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