[78-L] Best decade for popular music?

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 I'm going to put in an argument for the 60s. The 30s had great pop and show tunes, the 40s were seeing the AFM ban and the war restrictions and the end of the big band era and the absolute dreck of 1948, the 50s were full of SOME good pop tunes and the rise of good R&B and rock 'n' roll, but the 60s gave us more good rock 'n roll that still endures, the Beatles (don't give me grief about this..name another pop group that was as adaptable to EVERY format including folk and classical and whose music is still played today) and the wonderful sounds from Brazil under the Bossa Nova umbrella (Jobim, Caymmi, Bonfa).


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I'm very close to agreement with Trevor. But I'll pick 1940-49. Some
of the great songwriters were still working and many new ones. The big
bands in the early years and the great vocalists taking over in the
late years. Lots of music from around the world, especially the Latin
explosion. And the formative years of C&W and R&B. A little bit of
everything for everybody. And with mostly no TV for the most part,
everyone listened to radio.


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Which decade would you say has been the best in popular music? Or, to

put in another way, which are your favourite ten years?

I'd be surprised if someone answers "the 1910's", or "the 1970's",
but...you never know.

A short motivation would be appreciated as well.

(Funny, but I don't think this question has been asked on the list,
some of you were here before me, so I might be wrong.)


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