[78-L] ARSC annual meeting & conferences May 21-22, 2020

Iñigo Cubillo ciadelgramofono at yahoo.es.invalid
Sat May 30 06:39:00 PDT 2020

I was a member of arsc for two or three years only, and living in spain, had no chances to ever attending the annual conference, except this pre-weekend. I don't know if other conferences had been held online before, or if that kind of support has been ever given except as recorded videos. This time all the proceedings were transmitted by Zoom, and it was my first time, as it was opened to the general public. I must say it was exciting attending on line (despite my 6 hour difference) and watching the guru's faces talking to you in real time, answering our questions and eventually chatting during the breaks. Interesting conferences about ethnic musicologists efforts on czech and Ukrainian music stories, about the blueswomen in the America of mid twenties, but also on the science and practice of digitization, correcting CD tracks, or even true acoustic recording re-enactement... All scholar and magnifically documented investigation works, archival efforts to publicize certain fields of historic recorded music and speech, etc. Very good and interesting works, very well presented by stupendous groups of people. I attended all conferences except the latest ones yesterday, due to other needs.
And the final tour aroun Fort Nauck's, the magnificent premises of Kurt Nauck in Texas. This last i attended until 3am local hour (9 pm EST) when i was so in need of sleep that i had to leave. But we were there from 7pm EST (my 1am) for a 2+ hours tour of his well organized top-quality record business and archival museum of records and related library... and a vood chat after hours with him and his nice team, answering all kind of questions about record treatment, stories all very interestin. Iwill see the rest of it (from 9pmEST on) on the recorded YT video report.
Areal treat!
Congratulations to all participants! And the greatest of THANKS.

Iñigo Cubillo

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