[78-L] Seeking background information, history of Mezzotone Record Company Inc.

mark desjardins marknorthwest at hotmail.com.invalid
Fri Apr 24 14:02:34 PDT 2020

   Thank  you for  accepting  my re​quest to  join this  group. I have  a question  I  would  like  to pose  to  members  of  this  group, and  hopefully  I  will be  able  to  find   an answer, or  be referred  to   a  source  that can assist  me.

 I  would   greatly  appreciate  your  posting   the   two paragraphs  below:

    I am  presently  working  on a  biography  of  Mae  West, and  have  been amassing  information  on the musical  aspect  of her  long  career.  Miss  West  was  very proud  of  her  singing, and  in fact  her early  career  on the  Vaudeville  stage  featured her  performing  songs  in her own  imitable  style.  All  her  12  motion  pictures  featured musical  numbers.     To date,  I have  unearthed  previously  unpublished    information   regarding   songwriters  and  musicians   she  worked  with,  as well as amassed  hilarious  antidotes  about  some  of her  recording  sessions.

   However, I have  come to a  brick wall  finding  any  background  information  on   Mezzotone Records Inc., except that  according  to  printing  on the label, they  were  located  in  New York  City.   An earlier  post  on this site  indicated that  the  Mae West  recordings  were  released  circa 1948.  Even  obtaining  a  street  address  would  be   start.  If  anyone  is  able  to  offer  any  information, I  would  be most  grateful.  Thank  you for  any information   you  may be able to provide.

  Thank you  for  giving  my  request  consideration.     Cheers.  R.  Mark  Desjardins

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