[78-L] Radio station(s) in Senath, MO 1951

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Old copies of "White's Radio Log" might help.

Lots of hits on Google.

Ron Roscoe

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On 2/19/2020 7:50 AM, Rodger J. Holtin wrote:
> This is really an old radio question, but since it all began with a 78 RPM lacquer, it’s still on topic. Insert :-) here.
> This lacquer that I have contains a quiz program held in a local grocery store in Senath, Missouri sometime during the summer of 1951. I have tracked down many other details but I still have no idea what radio station might have been there in 1951.
> I have looked up the stations that currently serve that area, but none seem to have a genealogy long enough to stretch back to 1951. With today’s conglomerates running quasi networks, it certainly does not compare with what seems to have been a very local AM station in 1951.
> Senath is a desperately poor little town in the boot heel of Missouri. They had a Piggly Wiggly in 1951, but not now and when the Ramey grocery burned down in 2010 it wasn’t replaced.
> I have some hope that some of you guys might have some kind of old radio directories of some kind which may shed some light on the question for me.
> Any help appreciated, and thanks in advance,

You might be able to narrow it down with this interactive map 

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