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 Clarifying this, Kristjan asked how many projects I'd done for Living Era and I had to look in my old e-mails and invoices to find the highest number of my own masters, which seemed to be LE 79 or LE 079 or something. This didn't count partials where Ray Crick asked for a few tracks for projects already in progress. By the way, many of these are now being reissued and updated by a label called Retrospective.

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  They're my own numbers for each label I worked for. I have no idea what the issue numbers are..and with a few hundred Living Era CDs on the shelf, I wouldn't know which ones I produced, which were Peter Dempsey's, and which were done by other folk (they sent me just about everything for a few years).

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Where do you get those numbers? My ASV's have four digit numbers.Eg., AJL 5379 is an album by Irving Fazola!

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No, I had nothing to do with Ajax/Ajazz..my last numbered programme for Living Era was Jan Savitt. Whether they issued it or not I can't say. This was probably around the time when the company was absorbed into Universal who then discovered they had bought what they considered a pirate label and the whole line was discontinued. #78 was Ben Bernie, #79 was Savitt, and we'd already been notified about the imminent cancellation of the series in August 2007.

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