[78-L] 78-L had a problem last 12 hours and is now OK

ron at fial.com.invalid ron at fial.com.invalid
Thu Nov 28 19:41:56 PST 2019

The DNS service for the 78-L mail list domain  (78onlne.com) had a problem last night.  It 
was caused by a mistake duing a domain-transfer from GoDaddy to EasyDNS, and the DNS 
lookup was stopped.   It is now all restored and is back online.  For some hours after 
midnight last night, no one could find anything on 78online.com, 78online.com did not seem 
to exist.  EasyDNS said they were sorry for the mistake.

The 78-L mail list is the only thing in the 78online.com domain.    The 78-L list is non-profit, 
non commercial and run only for the members benefit to exchange information.  The list 
started at Cornell University about 1992, and after a while the University asked for it to be 
moved off the U's mail server.    So it is now hosted on a dedicated Linux mail server at the 
offices our company, Fial Incorporated, as a public service.

Happy Thanksgiving,

__Ron Fial   78-L  list manager

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