[78-L] who sings like Bing, Frank and others

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Thank you Rayk,




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Besides Dick Todd, the Canadian Crosby.....

There was a British Crosby, Michael Holiday who was a dead ringer.

As for Sinatra, many consider Matt Monro the closest.

There was also an English Sinatra, Denny Vaughan, who was actually Canadian by birth.  I haven't heard a lot by Vaughan, but I never noticed a similarity.

As for the remainder of your list, I'm coming up with a blank for now.  



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Subject: [78-L] who sings like Bing, Frank and others


I am planning to produce some radio shows next year and I am wondering is
there any one out there that sings like 

A 1940 Bing Crosby,

A 1940s Frank 

A 1940s Roy Roger,

A 1940s Dean Martin,

A 1940s Gene Autrey.

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