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Rodger J Holtin rjh334578 at gmail.com.invalid
Mon Sep 16 15:22:07 PDT 2019

Our local PBS began showing the new Ken Burns series on Country Music.  I
noticed that once again Vernon Dalhart was omitted, although his name and
Carson Robison's appeared in a news story from some publication complaining
about hillbilly music singers.  Vernon, as some of you know, grew up in
hardscrabble conditions in east Texas, played the harmonica, had lots of
cattle punching experience and his father was killed in a barroom knife
fight - perfect credentials for the rendering of country music if ever there
was such a thing.


Some of you saw similar glaring omissions in the jazz series 19-20 years


What part of the prescribed narrative does he not fit to be included by the
great Burns?


Rodger Holtin

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