[78-L] Illustrated Dictionary of 78rpm shellac discs

Dr Rainer E. Lotz rainer-lotz at gmx.de.invalid
Thu Jun 13 01:02:46 PDT 2019

The invitation for pre-publication subscription is now open. I cannot
add an image to posts on this group, but occasional updates will be
published here


A total of five volumes of 500 pages each, more than 10.000 top quality
illustrations in full colour. Scheduled for fall 2019. Price 250 €
direct from publisher (i.e. 50 € per volume), after that roughly 500 €.
Language is German but can be easily understood in any language as the
images speak for themselves, and the text is highly standardized
(catalogue-series, owner, pressing plant, time period, distribution,
repertoire, capsule company histories, etc.). Illustrated as well are
paper sleeves, trademark applications and other ephemera. Scope includes
talking dolls, phono postcards, film synchronization discs, acetates,
radio transcriptions, Tefifon, phantom discs, private custom pressings
and other similar rarities and oddities.

If interested write an email, and I'll send a flyer.

Rainer Lotz

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