[78-L] Oldtimers query

iñigo ciadelgramofono at yahoo.es.invalid
Fri Apr 5 12:29:14 PDT 2019

Was Doug Pomeroy also in that lot? Maybe I'm mixing names of 78L and other sources, books and magazines, but I believe many of the writers of books about records and gramophones which were flourishing in those early years of the web expansion were members of the list.

Tim Gracyk and his 'victrola and 78 journal'... I don't remember how I arrived to him, but I bought all the set of 13 issues.... maybe through the list.
Also Kurt Nauck...  I'm bidding tomorrow in the 65th auction, but it was number 9 the first one I started with... I used to keep all the booklets, until I had to discard them due to lack of space for paper files. 
I remember years ago that Leah Biel, daughter of Mike, made a video report about 78s collectors, and many of the old guard featured there... is there any place where that video can be watched? I only saw kind of a short trailer, never the whole video.
More names will be rescued... we could reassemble a list...
Was also there a Don Parker? 

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