[78-L] Oldtimers query

David Sanderson dwsanderson685 at roadrunner.com.invalid
Fri Apr 5 10:12:36 PDT 2019

On 4/4/2019 9:20 PM, Douglas Elliot wrote:

Dunno when I joined, but it's been a while, maybe 15 years, consistently 
pleasant and informative. I have always supported the forum format over 
the messy antisocial media connections, refuse to have anything to do 
with Facebook. These people discourage communication, the worst being 
Twitter. If you want intelligent, civil discussions, you need a clean 
format for conversation and the space required to say what you have to 
say without interference.

I'm currently reading A&R Pioneers, by Brian Ward and Patrick Huber, I 
think the first comprehensive history of the people who did the 
recordings of all the more or less traditional musicians from the 20s 
through the 50s, Ralph Peer and so on. Fascinating stuff that augments 
whatever you know about the recordings themselves; highly recommended.

David Sanderson
East Waterford Maine
dwsanderson685 at roadrunner.com

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