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On 4/3/2019 5:56 PM, Michael Shoshani wrote:
> Correction to autocorrect: topica.com. When I started here, we had clunky
> old VGA monitors that didn’t try to fix our spelling...

You were on the list in 1998 when I joined.  Here you are, responding to 
a conversation with Joe Salerno and Mike Biel:

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> Anyway, the apparent mistake in the facts presented in this program was as
> they were breaking for a commercial they presented a little factoid 
> stating
> that the LP was introduced in the "Late '50's." Late '30's is more 
> like it,
> ya, -- with the introduction of the 10" microgroove record?

Edison introduced the first microgroove record in the early 1920s. He
used a groove finer than a human hair, at a pitch of 450 threads per inch
(as opposed to his standard 150 tpi, which was still finer than the 78's
90 tpi) to make a record that played for up to 40 minutes...at 80 RPM.
These records were labeled and sold as "Long Playing" records--probably
the first major ones to be designated as such.

The modern lateral microgroove record was introduced by Columbia in 1948,
but Victor had issued 33 1/2 RPM records in 1931. These records had the
standard 3 mil groove used on commercial 78s of the time.

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