[78-L] Pressing 10" metal mothers to vinyl

Dustin Wittmann dpwittmann at gmail.com.invalid
Mon Jan 7 11:13:44 PST 2019


I have acquired a few 10" metal mothers made by Okeh in the late 20s and am
looking into getting them pressed to vinyl. Please let me know if you have
information on either of the following:

1) Internal contacts at Sony Music Licensing to expedite the process of
acquiring a master license for a small pressing run (hopefully not too
controversial or expensive being that these have zero commercial value to
them at this point 90 years after the fact and nobody would be interested
in them but hardcore 78 collectors, who already have the recordings in
other formats). They seem to be very slow to respond.

2) Information on who, if anyone has the capability to make stampers from
10" mothers--it seems current mothers for 10" records are larger and of a
different format. '20s Okeh mothers are around 10" in diameter and made of
copper. Some, but not all, are nickel-plated. I've already talked to Don
Wilson about this and am keeping him in mind.


Dustin Wittmann

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