[78-L] Edward Kilenyi -biography?? - Chopin Op.25 Edtudes ??

Thomas Stern sternth at attglobal.net.invalid
Mon Dec 3 07:27:46 PST 2018

  In the booklet accompanying APR CD's THE PATHE RECORDINGS 1937-39, the
notes state "a full length biography of Edward Kilenyi is being prepared by

Professor Julia Morgan, department of music, Auburn University, Auburn,
Alabama, USA."

  Does anyone have information as to the status of this work ???


  Also, the Chopin Etudes Op.25 were recorded by Columbia on 78rpm - has
this set been released on CD, or are there other recordings available

Of Kilenyi's performance of Op.25 ???  If not, would someone be able to
provide a dub?  Many Thanks!


Thomas Stern.

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