[78-L] The 78-L was down, it is now fixed.

Michael Biel mbiel at mbiel.com.invalid
Mon Nov 26 10:09:51 PST 2018

AMAZING!!  Hey Grace! The header sounds like I once was lost but now I'm
found.  I was blind but now I see. Actually, I feel a bit blind here on
the list without those colorful cute record labels. It has been noted
that I was to blame when the list shot up in traffic volume when I joind
in 1997, and I guess I was also the one who summoned everyone over to
Facebook.  Email is awkward for me and I rarely check it.  It always
gets screwed up on my phone.  But now that it is back the only traffic
has been about the 48 ban which could be better done on Facebook with
pictures, sound,and links.  

Plus, of facebook we could show everybody pidtures of our Thai Slave
Girls -- although we should go over to a Joe Happy group for that, not
my Fan group!

Mike Biel  mbiel at mbiel.com      l

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Subject: Re: [78-L] The 78-L was down, it is now fixed.
From: Kristjan Saag <saag at telia.com.invalid>
Date: Thu, November 22, 2018 5:59 am
To: 78-L Mail List <78-l at klickitat.78online.com>

After six weeks with Facbook's 78 groups and a zillion reports of thrift

store finds (with colourful label pictures - so cute, aren't they) this 
is a relief. Five informative posts in a weeks time on this list is 
better than the pointless flow on Facebook. People don't ask questions 
on Facebook! They only tell us about their acquisitions. And yes, they 
may ask questions: about how much their new acquisitions are worth.

On 2018-11-22 07:18, Malcolm wrote:
> Yeah, we were! I had thought that the list had succumbed to Facebook 
> and was shut down due to lack of participation/interest. I'm really 
> glad you got it back up and operational, Ron! I remember the Thai 
> Slave Girls spam, too. I still have the post around here somewhere. 
> Nice to hear from old friends and I'm very glad we're back in bidness. 
> Hopefully more folks will log in over the next week or so. Have a 
> great Thanksgiving, all! Malcolm ******* On 11/21/2018 3:15 PM, David 
> Lennick wrote:
>> Thanks Ron! Yes, we were missing it. dl On 11/21/2018 7:06 PM, 
>> ron at fial.com.invalid wrote:
>>> Oops, the 78-L list server (78online.com) seemed to be gone for 
>>> several weeks. The last post was on October 4, 2018. I got a phone 
>>> message from Kristjan Saag today informing me of the problem. 
>>> Thanks, Kristjan. Due to switching mail reader programs from Eudora 
>>> to Pegasus Mail, my filters were sending renewal emails for the 
>>> list's DNS lookup into a junk mail file. I never saw their bill. So 
>>> easyDNS dropped the service, since the bill was not paid. Also, 
>>> emails from members about the list being down were also going to my 
>>> junk mail. I never saw them, I get hundreds of junk mails per day in 
>>> that folder. I run the 78-L server locally in our business 
>>> server-room, and it was working fine the entire time at IP address 
>>> So I could go to that address and still see the web 
>>> page for 78-L and still send mail to that address. But Internet 
>>> lookup of anything for the domain 78online.com was broken. The host 
>>> name of the server (klickitat.78online.com) could not be looked-up 
>>> to get its IP address. The DNS service is paid and up and running 
>>> now, but it will take an hour from now until all servers worldwide 
>>> are updated. So in about an hour, sending mail to 78-L at 78online.com 
>>> should work again. I am very all, sorry for the inconvenience. Ron 
>>> Fial --- 78-L list administrator PS For you old timers, you might 
>>> enjoy seeing the very first web page for the 78-L list back in 1992 
>>> on the shellac.org/wams site. This access from Cornell University 
>>> was the original web server: http://www.shellac.org/wams/w78l.html 
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