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We've all encountered the acappella records made during the 1942-45 AFM
strike, some are even notable, but I had not realized that they made some
during the 1948 strike as well.  I've read numerous places that by the time
of the 1948 strike, everybody was geared and ready with lots of stuff in the
can.  Courtesy of the local Goodwill, I just stumbled upon My Happiness and
Tea Leaves by Ella Fitzgerald with The Song Spinners, on Decca 24446 (April
19, 1948, according to Ty's site).  Also note that Whitburn says this was a
top ten (#6) hit for Ella in June of '48, 21 weeks on the charts.  I'm
familiar with the tune from some of the old Music of Your Life stations I
could get back in the 1980s or 1990s, but don't remember Ella's acappella
version, or whatever version I might have heard.  Whitburn lists it also a
hit by Jon & Sandra Steele (#2), The Pied Pipers (#3), The Marlin Sisters
(#24), and John Laurenz (#26).


I don't have or remember any of those others - were any of them acappella

Were there other acappella records made during the 1948 Petrillo strike?


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