[78-L] Jim Mac's Jazz Band -

Andrew Homzy andrew.homzy at gmail.com.invalid
Fri Jul 20 19:11:42 PDT 2018

Has anyone researched Jim Mac's Jazz Band - out of Liverpool?

Jim is Paul McCartney’s father.

Jim's first public appearance was at St Catherine's Hall, Vine Street,
Liverpool, with a band that wore black masks as a gimmick, calling
themselves the Masked Melody Makers. He later led Jim Mac's Jazz Band in
the 1920s, with his brother Jack on trombone
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trombone>, and composed his first tune,

In Nashville - 1974 - Paul recorded his father’s piece -
While not on a 78, it was first issued as a 45 - thus bringing this
discussion closer to the cigar.


My limited research has brought me to some interesting suppositions:

That, from his father, Paul heard a lot of ODJB recordings - and maybe some
Memphis Five - that he shared these recordings with his band-mates, especially
George - that their melodic/harmonic concept was significantly influenced
by early “White” jazz, because that was their musical access point until
they discovered nascent rock-n-roll and the African American blues masters.



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