[78-L] Los Angeles COAST label circa 1948 ??

Thomas Stern sternth at attglobal.net.invalid
Thu Jun 21 10:15:17 PDT 2018

I’ve found this listing for a release on the COAST label:


Coast 842

Sjömans-kärlek / Orch. (Insp. Hwd 01.1948  

Tussi-lull / Orch. (Insp. Hwd 01.1948 
WILLIAM CLAUSON with Orchestra


Can someone provide information about this label – did it target Swedish
American market, general ethnic market, other ?? 

When and by whom founded, dates active ??

Any other releases known ??

Any other WILLIAM CLAUSON releases on this label ??


Clauson also recorded 78’s for BOWMAR circa 1955, anyone know of other 78rpm
Clauson releases??







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