[78-L]   Nero 15 dehum - any help appreciated

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Thu Jun 7 13:05:19 PDT 2018

The is a software i used, named GOLDWAVE, which maybe can be had for free in the web (old versions at least). My copy is the current version of early 2000s, and i run it in an old hp Compaq nx9010, under Windows xp home. I never connect that PC to the web, for keep it uncontaminated. It runs very well, and I only use that pc for 78 transfers. GOLDWAVE has several de-noising  features built in, but the best of all is that you can copy a part of the wave with noise only, and then retract it from the rest of the recording. Thus, of you have s fragment of hum alone, you can copy it and try to see what happens when doing the substraction. It works over spectral algorithms or something alike... Another feature, for advanced users, is the possibility to do macros and self-designed filters. Another last important feature is the possibility of editing the wave and re-draw it by hand, with the mouse. This last one I've found very nice to be used against persistent pops and clicks, and even you can restore by hand a broken record, editing the wave this way. It's very time consuming, but results are astonishing. You can also copy-paste parts of a wave... Infinite possibilities. You should try to do something with it... If you steel keep an old pc, i could pass the program to you privately... 
Best wishes and patience...!

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