[78-L] Cleaning 78 RPM records

Ken Matheson kenmath at yahoo.com.invalid
Sun May 27 09:56:48 PDT 2018

What I do to clean 78 RPM records is;


I use a flat paint pad with very fine 1/8 inch bristles. Imix a solution

of Ajax dish soap, I think most any dish soap wouldwork,  ( About a

silver dollars size) in the bottom of a 1 cup measuring cup.I fill the

cup ¾ full with luke warm water.  It is important to use just warm water,

do not use water hotter than room temperature. Than I use aflat pan,

cookie pan, etc. I put a new paper towel in the bottom foreach record.

I use a flat roasting dish, or other square dish, squarepreferably, and

fill it with ¼ inch of solution, to dip the painting pad in.You than squeeze

off the extra liquid on the edge of the pan. I run the paintpad around the

record, being careful not to get cleaning solution on label.3 times one

direction, 2 times in the other direction. Than I rinse withwater from the

tap, also adjusted for room temperature. I rotate the recordunder the

running water taking care not to get the label wet. The sametime I use

a 2 inch paint brush to wipe the soap off the record. I thanuse a new

paper towel under each record. I try to keep the stack under10, or 11

records. I take 2 boxes on the table, medium shipping boxeswork good.

And suspend a ¼ inch brazing rod between them. I thread therecords

on the rod between the 2 boxes making sure not to let thegroves touch.

Let dry overnight. 


I have cleaned over 500, 78 RPM records, a few 33s, and 45sthis way

and not have a problem with any.

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