[78-L] digital dilemma

Rodger Holtin rjh334578 at gmail.com.invalid
Thu Apr 12 11:46:40 PDT 2018

For ten plus years I've used an outboard sound card from ADS Tech with a
desktop machine running Windows XP.  It worked with my original Nero
recording software and also with Audacity.  It worked perfectly with three
or four XP machines over the years, but the most recent XP machine no longer
plays well with others and at fifteen years old, it can't last much longer,
so I've picked up a Windows 10 machine with i5 processor etc.


I've navigated most of the usual issues, and learned a lot of Microsoft
updates are not improvements but regressions, and I've figured out
workarounds for most of the outlook and office crap, but this one is the
most important and it really bugs me and I hope one of you tech-savvy folks
can bail me out.


Apparently, the ADS Tech sound card may not compatible with Windows 10, and
ADS Tech appears to be out of business, so there's no advice available from
them.  It takes the left channel from the card and doubles it over to the
left and right in the computer.  In other words, with both plugged in, I get
signal in both L & R at the computer, but unplug only the left from the
mixer and I get silence at the computer.  Likewise, unplugging only the
right from the mixer, I still have signal in both left and right at the
computer - both are the left channel at the mixer.  Dubbing a stereo record
or tape, or grabbing some FM radio and it becomes immediately obvious what's
going on.  So it looks like stereo because both input meters jump, but the
signals are identical - from the left channel only.  If I plug it back into
the XP machine, it's still perfect, so it seems to be a Windows 10 problem.


Anybody ever run into this, or have any ideas for the fix?


Perhaps a new outboard sound card is the only solution, so recommendations
there would be appreciated as well.




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