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Malcolm malcolm at 78data.com.invalid
Wed Apr 11 10:13:57 PDT 2018

Thanks for bringing this version of South Sea Rose to my attention, John.
I have George Olson's version listed in the Hawaiian discog, but not the 
one by Noble.
I consider this a borderline "tropical" tune as Hawaii is not in the 
"South Seas",
nowhere is Hawaii mentioned in the lyrics, and there is no steel guitar 
present, at least
on the Noble version.
Good to know about, though.


On 4/11/2018 2:23 AM, John Wright wrote:
> There's a 20s tune 'I Wonder What's Become Of Joe' and I recall all the
> versions I've heard, e.g. Irving Kaufman, are male
> '...Where did he go....' etc
> Also a rare tune 'South Sea Rose', I've only heard Sam Browne singing it
> with Ray Noble in 1930.
> 'They call me South Sea Rose.....' and goes on about wearing seaweed clothes
> etc.
> :o)
> John
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