[78-L] Switched subjects

Malcolm malcolm at 78data.com.invalid
Mon Apr 9 22:39:11 PDT 2018

I just came across a Nat Cole record on eBay. It's the classic "The Man 
I Love"
played by his trio as an instrumental. I was actually wondering if he'd try
singing it straight (no pun intended) but he neatly side-stepped the issue.
And that made me think...

In the teens and 20s it seems there were any number of songs written for a
woman vocalist but sung with lyrics intact by a male singer. And I couldn't
think of one example, though I know I've heard a few.
Can anyone think of any that were done properly, not as a parody? And no
fair mentioning lyrics that change the gender of the singer, either!

However, there's one really great example of that which I came across
  recently. The tune is "Why Don't You Do Right?" and here's Peggy Lee's 
But the original lyric was written for a man to perform.

Stumped as to who wrote and performed it?
Go here:
Now that's a switch!

Anyhow men doing women's songs and/or women doing men's tunes are the
questions of the day.
I look forward to your answers!

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