[78-L] Mercury Miniature Playhouse - 7-inch children's records ??

Thomas Stern sternth at attglobal.net.invalid
Tue Feb 6 12:54:17 PST 2018

If anyone has the MERCURY discography - does it list this series ???


Can you provide data for 110-7 through 119-7

These also have an MMP catalog or album(?) number  ??  (MMP 40, 41, others

and what might be matrix numbers or catalog/side numbers in 190X series
suffixed with A or B ??


Were these releases multiple discs ?  the range of sides covered by the MMP

suggest there were multiple discs in those numbers.


Any explanation for the 3 sets of numbers (i.e. which were matrix, catalog,
set designation)


I have seen the data in the Kiddie Record database, somewhat incomplete for
this sequence.


Any help appreciated!



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